Alden Farris provides auto body collision repair and paint on all vehicles. We specialize in high-end vehicles – such as Audi, BMW, and Mercedes Benz – but we will happily work on and restore any vehicle.
Unlike many auto repair shops, we specialize in Audi and Volkswagen. We were the preferred body shop for Metro VW Audi up until they closed, and we have become experts in providing the best possible and most efficient repair on both types of vehicle.
We use the highest quality paint on the market, DuPont. Not only is it of superior quality, but dupont warranties the paint for the relative lifetime of the car. We promise that you will be pleased with the work we provide! Your complete satisfaction is our top priority!


At the completion of each repair every vehicle will be cleaned to remove all debris caused by the repair.
If the repair of your vehicle costs more than $2500, we will provide a complete detail.
Should you request a more thorough cleaning or full detail to be done after the repair is completed, please feel free to ask us. We are delighted to provide that service for you.

Paint Booth
Environmentally Friendly

Alden Farris features new water-based paint booth, installed in February 2008. The booth was installed prior to mandates set by the State of California, regulating all body shops to paint with water-based paint starting in 2010. The paint booth is environmentally friendly, using built-in efficient heat lamps to set and harden the paint, as well as quality filters that capture 99% of particulates.

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